Camping Steinplatte Natur. Camping Kitzbühel, Campingplatz Tirol. Campingplätze Österreich

Channel the vitality
of the real Tyrol

Whether it’s something exciting to discover or a fond recollection, what truly matters are the memories we create.

Experience the magic of the KitzbĂĽhel Alps, where the mighty Waidring Steinplatte sets the scene for an extraordinary adventure in the midst of stunning natural diversity.

Enjoy nights beneath the twinkling stars, where dew-kissed grass and the crisp scent of the Alpine air awaken your senses. Fully engage in the here and now.

Immerse yourself in the magnificent flora and fauna and bustling wildlife within a landscape that provides a perfect haven of comfort.

(Cross of St. James)

Your itinerary won’t be complete without a visit to the Jakobskreuz, the world’s largest summit cross. An affinity for the outdoors, ecological stewardship and a sustainable approach make camping the ultimate eco-friendly choice – minimise your footprint while connecting with the Alpine landscape.

Replenishing energy levels has never felt so refreshingly easy!

Experience the magic of the Jakobskreuz all year round. Whether you ascend by foot, chairlift or touring skis, the spectacular view from Buchensteinwand’s summit will leave an indelible mark on your memory.