Welcome to the campsite Steinplatte
in Waidring/Tyrol!

Dear camping friends
we are glad that you have chosen our camping site and wish you
a relaxing stay. Our campsite is open all year round.
The direct care of the camping guests and the place is carried out by
Camping wardens, to whom you can turn at any time in case of arising questions.
In order to make your stay pleasant and relaxing, we kindly ask you to follow the
the following rules:


The entrance to the campsite is allowed only after registration at the reception.
For the registration we need your identity cards (legal obligation to register). This also applies
for short-term visitors.
A test certificate for liquid gas installations in vehicles (Gas-TÜV) is required.
Young people traveling alone up to the age of 16 must provide the following at the time of registration
a written consent of the legal guardian.
Persons with contagious diseases cannot be accepted as guests. With
registration the camper declares to be free from such diseases and confirms the
compliance with these campsite rules.


Day visitors to the facility must report to the reception upon entry.
For the use of special services, such as the use of the bathing lake, a corresponding
corresponding fee is to be paid. The current price list applies.


Only one vehicle is allowed per parking space. Parking on neighboring
is prohibited. All vehicles must be parked in front of the tent or caravan so that they do not
so that they do not obstruct traffic and neighbors. In any case
the neighboring pitch must remain free and usable for a new arrival at any time.
be available. If a vehicle owner occupies a parking space, he/she must pay the full price of the parking space without a warning.
the full price of the parking space.
For other vehicles there are parking possibilities on the signposted parking lots.
parking spaces.
In general, a speed limit of 10 km/h and the StVO apply in the entire campsite area.
km/h and the StVO.


Please be considerate of other campers and avoid disturbing noise.
disturbing noise. Especially radios, televisions, music systems, as well as
musical instruments, etc. are to be used in such a way that the neighbors are not disturbed.
The launching of rockets and the use of firecrackers is prohibited for safety
is prohibited all year round for safety reasons.


From 12:00 to 14:00 and from 22:00 to 07:30 are our quiet hours.
During this time it is not allowed to drive on the campsite with vehicles of any kind.
drive on the campsite. Exceptions are deliveries required by the operator and measures necessary for the
necessary for the operation.
Guests who wish to enter the campsite during the above-mentioned hours are requested to park their
to park their vehicles in the parking lot in front of the campsite and to use the pedestrian entrances.
use the pedestrian entrances.
Noisy sports activities are not possible during the quiet hours.


It is not allowed to dig ditches or fence in the campsite.
fencing. Make sure that no one is endangered by tent stakes, tent cords or other camping accessories.
camping accessories. Mark poorly visible sources of danger
by clearly visible markings.


Any pollution on the site is to be refrained from.
We ask you to treat the sanitary facilities with care and to leave them clean at all times.
Personal belongings must always be taken with you. Forgotten items
will be removed by the cleaning staff. In the sanitary buildings it is not allowed to store any
washing utensils (towels, bathing shoes, etc.) is not permitted. These will be collected daily
collected in a lost & found basket and disposed of after 1 month.
The sanitary buildings may not be used for drying items such as in particular
laundry or ski boots etc..
Children under 6 years of age are only allowed to enter the facilities when accompanied by an adult.
Grass clippings, leaves or branches etc. are to be disposed of by the camper at the assigned
composting site and not to be left on the site.
The planting of trees, shrubs and other vegetation is prohibited on the campsites.
on the pitches. The groundskeepers are required to remove them immediately.


The ski cellar is available exclusively for the storage and drying of ski and cross-country
cross-country skiing equipment. Other items will be disposed of at the
disposed of at the expense of the person responsible.
The ski cellar must be completely cleared in May and November in order for Camping
Steinplatte GmbH can carry out a basic cleaning. Not cleared objects
will be disposed of with costs.
The use of the ski cellar is at your own risk. No liability by the Camping
Steinplatte GmbH.


Our waste concept is based on ecological principles. Therefore, waste must be separated and
disposed of in the containers or bins provided. If it is a question of
bags, we ask you to dispose of them only knotted, so that this does not lead to pollution and odors.
soiling and odor nuisance and to vermin infestation.
It is forbidden to dispose of garbage in the sanitary buildings.
In case of non-compliance with the waste separation regulations, a penalty of 20,00 Euro
will be charged.
On the various disposal points – at the containers – are marked with words, but also symbolically, the respective waste products.
but also symbolically, the respective waste products are described.
Residual waste (large containers) means only household waste!


Campfires or open fires are forbidden on the whole campsite area. Barbecue
is allowed on the campsites, but embers and fire must be supervised at all times.
supervised at all times. In case of increased danger of forest fires, the campsite warden may
a barbecue ban. Special caution is required in case of strong wind or extreme dryness.
Smoking is prohibited in all buildings on the campground.


In case of damage to the facilities and equipment of the campsite, the person
responsible for the damage. For theft or damage to the property of the guests by third
third parties as well as injuries or accidents.
We therefore recommend private provision in the form of insurance.


A playground is available for children. Parents have to supervise their children
to supervise their children responsibly at all times. Children up to 16 years of age may only enter the
guardian to enter the bathing lake. In case of violation of the duty of supervision they are liable
for damages caused by the children. Parents are liable for their children.

13. DOGS

Dogs must be registered and must be kept on a leash. The animal must not
no danger or unacceptable disturbance may emanate from the animal. Pollution by dogs
are not allowed on the campsite. If this should happen nevertheless, these are to be
removed immediately by the dog owner.
Dogs are not allowed in the sanitary area, at the bathing lake and in the restaurant (except for the winter garden and the terrace).
winter garden and terrace).


In the exercise of the domiciliary right, the management may refuse to admit persons
or expel them from the campsite, if this is necessary to maintain security and order on the campsite.
and order on the campsite. Excessively intoxicated guests and visitors
visitors can be forbidden to stay at the campsite.


Departure must take place by 11am. Please leave your pitch in a clean condition.
clean condition.


The electrical installations connected by the camper have to correspond to the valid DIN/VDE- regulations.
regulations and have to be checked at your own expense. The
The campsite operator must be provided with appropriate proof upon request.
Webcams are not allowed to protect privacy.


The campsite operator shall maintain an electricity meter to record the electricity consumption.
maintain. Gas installations and gas heaters must comply with legal requirements and must be
and shall be maintained by the camper on a regular basis.
No dirty water may be poured out anywhere on the campground.
This is to be disposed of in the provided sink. The camper is responsible for
the camper himself.


Walking and driving on the paths is at your own risk. In case of rain, snowfall
and frost, please see for yourself if the weather conditions allow it.
The paths cannot be cleared at all times and in all cases.
In case of non-compliance with these rules, campers have to expect a ban from the site.