Camping site Steinplatte GmbH, Unterwasser 43, 6384 Waidring


These terms and conditions regulate the mutual rights and obligations of the
camping guests and visitors (hereinafter referred to as “guest” or “camping guest”) and the
Camping Steinplatte GmbH, Unterwasser 43, 6384 Waidring.
With the acceptance of the contract offer, the guest acknowledges the validity of these
terms and conditions, the currently valid schedule and price list as well as the campsite rules.
of the campsite (all mentioned documents available at https://www.camping-
Verbal agreements and other agreements must be in writing to be effective.
written form.


Binding reservations can only be accepted by telephone, e-mail or via the booking
via the booking platform and are subject to the acceptance of our
and the payment of a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the booked stay.
of the booked stay.
The payment of the outstanding balance for the booked stay is due upon departure.
due upon departure. The paid deposit will be deducted in the course of the final settlement.
The contract is concluded by the timely and complete receipt of the down payment by Camping
Steinplatte GmbH the contract is concluded. The guest will receive a letter (e-mail),
in which the booking is confirmed.
If the deposit is not paid or not paid properly, the provisional reservation expires and no
reservation and no contract is concluded.


The reserved pitch can be occupied on the day of arrival from 14:00. Before that
the guest has to check in at the reception building of the campsite.
Earlier occupation is possible only with the prior consent of the administration.
If the arrival of the guest is delayed, he has to inform Camping Steinplatte GmbH in time.
in time, otherwise the Camping Steinplatte GmbH has the right to occupy the pitch on the
right to reallocate the pitch on the day after the contractually agreed – but not effected – arrival.
the day after the contractually agreed arrival. In this case the Camping Steinplatte GmbH is not obligated to offer a substitute pitch.
to offer a substitute pitch. The non-arrival is considered as cancellation of the guest.
On the day of departure the pitch has to be cleared of all vehicles and leftovers (garbage, etc.) by 11:00 a.m. at the latest.
and leftovers (garbage, etc.) to the administration (deregistration). At
changes made to the pitch – whether permissible or not – are to be removed by the guest at his own
at their own expense, otherwise the campsite may carry out the necessary work at the expense of the guest.
at the expense of the guest.
If the pitch is not needed by Camping Steinplatte GmbH (e.g. for newly arriving guests), the stay can be cancelled.
guests), the stay can be terminated after approval of the Camping Steinplatte
GmbH and for an additional charge until 17:00 hours of the agreed departure day at the latest (“Late Checkout”).
(“Late Checkout”).


The payment of the entire stay less the down payment is to be made on the
day of departure in the reception building. However, Camping Steinplatte GmbH has the right – especially
especially for stays of more than one week – the right to submit an intermediate
an interim invoice at any time. If the guest does not comply with the request for payment within
2 working days, this is an important reason for termination.
Only cash, ATM or credit cards are accepted. Foreign currencies
are not accepted.
If a guest leaves earlier, the entire reservation period will be charged.
The Camping Steinplatte GmbH is entitled to offset the guest’s claims against its own claims.
with its own claims.


Of course there is the possibility to cancel the booking at any time before the
In case of cancellation the following cancellation fees will be charged:
a) up to 60 days before the agreed day of arrival no cancellation fees
b) until 11 days before the agreed arrival day 50% of the total costs of the
booked stay
c) from 10 days before the agreed arrival date 100% of the total costs of the booked stay
booked stay
The payments made on account will be refunded according to the above-mentioned conditions
minus a handling fee of € 30,- and possible bank charges.
or, if necessary, subsequently charged. In this case the bank details must be
be given.
Late arrival, unjustified non-arrival or early departure can not be charged to the
Camping Steinplatte GmbH cannot be held responsible and the guest will be charged 100% of the
of the cost of the stay will be charged. For the cases stated in this point,
the Camping Steinplatte GmbH reserves the right to charge the corresponding
charges from the credit card.
The Camping Steinplatte GmbH expressly points out that the above-mentioned
cancellation conditions listed above are agreed upon. The cancellation conditions replace
the right of withdrawal according to the Consumer Rights Directive of the European Union.
For the points not explicitly listed in the GTCs, the regulations of the
General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry (AGBH) as amended from time to time.
version. Place of jurisdiction Innsbruck is considered as agreed. Austrian law is applicable.
The Camping Steinplatte GmbH strongly recommends the guest to take out a
cancellation insurance in order to avoid possible risks, which could lead to a cancellation or a
change of the booking period with costs.


The stay of persons under the age of 16 on the campsite is only allowed in the company of a parent or guardian.
accompanied by a parent or guardian or by another person of full age, who is
who has been given the right of supervision by a parent or guardian.
Supervision is to be ensured to an age-appropriate extent.
The Camping Steinplatte GmbH does not take over the responsibility for the supervision of minors.


By concluding the contract, the guest is entitled to the following during the period booked
use of the general infrastructure and common facilities
(sanitary facilities, power supply, etc.) of the campsite as well as the pitch assigned to him
assigned pitch to the agreed extent (tent, caravan or camper).
camper). The parking of cars and motorcycles is only allowed on the own pitch.
Discarded vehicles may not be parked on the pitch.
The pitch may be used by the maximum number of persons registered.
have been registered. Overnight stays of day guests are to be registered in the administration and the
and to pay the fees due for the overnight stay.
Any complaints about the condition of the pitch or the campsite are to be
be reported to the Camping Steinplatte GmbH immediately. The Camping Steinplatte
GmbH shall be granted a reasonable period of time to remedy any deficiencies.
The transfer of the pitch assigned to the guest or any other rights from the contract to third
contract to third parties is not permitted.
In the case of unusability of the pitch or the campsite due to
force majeure or official closures (e.g. natural disasters, epidemics, etc.),
the guest is allowed to use his pitch for the duration of the official order or until the
reopening by Camping Steinplatte GmbH and must leave the campsite during this period.
has to leave the campsite during this period. Claims – of whatever kind
of any kind – cannot be derived from this by the guest.


The respective pitch will be assigned by Camping Steinplatte GmbH.
The guest is not allowed to make any changes to the pitch without the prior
to make any changes to the pitch without the prior consent of Camping Steinplatte GmbH. It is also forbidden to install antennas,
satellite dishes and the like on trees, plants or objects that do not belong to the guest.
which do not belong to the guest.
The guest has to take care that he uses only technically faultless equipment
and accessories (in particular power cables, gas stoves and the like), so that there is no
no danger to himself or others occurs. If the guest does not comply with this obligation
dangerous equipment and accessories can be secured by the Camping Steinplatte GmbH at the guest’s
If the guest does not comply with this obligation, dangerous equipment and accessories can be secured or, if necessary, removed or disposed of by Camping Steinplatte GmbH at the guest’s expense.
The pitches must always be kept clean and treated with care. For the
The guest is responsible for the cleanliness of the assigned pitch.
The boundaries of the assigned pitch are to be strictly observed. In case of doubt
the exact course of the border will be determined by Camping Steinplatte GmbH.
More detailed regulations are contained in the site rules, which must be observed by all guests and day guests.


Guests have to behave well, to take care of the campsite, in particular
its infrastructure and communal facilities, to keep clean and nuisances
or endangerment of any kind to other guests and the camping staff
Steinplatte GmbH to refrain from.
From 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. there is night rest, any noise development is prohibited
to refrain from entering and exiting vehicles during this period
The road traffic regulations (StVO) apply to the driveways of the campsite. It is
a maximum speed of 10 km/h throughout the campsite
to comply with
The instructions of the Camping Steinplatte GmbH staff must be followed.
The site regulations, which apply to all guests and day visitors, contain more detailed regulations


Pitch contracts can also be for the duration of an entire season or more
be completed for up to one year. The owners of such
Special arrangements are referred to as “permanent campers”. The parking fee is up to
due for payment at the beginning of the agreed contract period. It includes the
Stay of up to two adults and up to two minor children.
Half-yearly prescribed fees such as garbage, dog, TV and others
Taxes will be paid to the permanent camper together with the pitch fee or after
billed separately. At the latest when the first begins
camping stay, the permanent camper has the identity of the stay with him
to announce persons taking. More or other the permanent parking space
Users must register immediately at the reception desk
and to pay the personal fees for their stay separately.
The permanent camper is not permitted to use the pitch in whole or in part for a fee
or to allow third parties to use them free of charge. A passing on of the seasonal or
Permanent pitches to third parties require the consent of Camping Steinplatte GmbH im
As part of a new parking space contract to be concluded by the third party. The
Permanent campers acknowledge that Camping Steinplatte GmbH Expiration of each seasonal or annual contract upon conclusion of a new or
connection contract, another parking space may be assigned. Anytime
Termination of such permanent contracts (seasonal or annual contracts) is being considered
of the contract duration to be agreed upon is not permissible. an extraordinary one
premature termination of the contractual relationship requires the approval of Camping
Steinplatte GmbH and in principle does not oblige them to repay
used parking space fee prepayment.
Any change to the substance of the parking space, especially structural
Measures are prohibited for permanent campers. Commercial components of mobile
Accommodation such as awnings, canopies, safety canopies, etc. may be attached to the
mobile accommodation to be attached if mobile at any time and beforehand
have been coordinated with Camping Steinplatte GmbH. The installation of permanent attachments
such as substructures, balconies, terraces, snow pressure measures, etc., may only be
approved by Camping Steinplatte GmbH and only in
the extent that serves the purpose of recreation or for reasons of stability
is necessary and subject to the exclusion of any permanent
foundations. The relevant provisions of the Tyrolean Camping Act are
to comply with
Camping Steinplatte GmbH is entitled at any time to
Dissolve the contractual relationship with immediate effect and return the permanent camper
Request the pitch to be vacated within 14 days if the permanent camper despite
Reminder with payments more than 14 days in arrears or from the pitch
makes use contrary to the contract or through grossly improper behavior against the
violating the rules of the place. After the eviction period of 14 days has expired without result, the
Camping Steinplatte GmbH is entitled to use the pitch at the expense of the permanent camper
to have it cleaned up and the permanent camper’s mobile accommodation left behind
safekeeping with third parties at their expense and risk.
The conclusion of a long-term arrangement requires that the long-term camper his
Credit card details or a SEPA direct debit mandate to secure at the reception
deposited and takes note that its open when due
Payment obligations towards Camping Steinplatte GmbH from the
Credit card to be confiscated. Should nevertheless upon departure of the long-term campers
Payment obligations of the same are unjustified, then the
Camping Steinplatte GmbH’s lien on the property brought in by the permanent camper
Vehicles, mobile homes, pieces of furniture and movables according to § 1101 ABGB
pointed out, in particular to the right of retention based on this
Camping Steinplatte GmbH to the objects and things mentioned.
The ski cellar must be completely cleared in May and November so that the camping
Steinplatte GmbH can carry out a thorough cleaning.
Use at your own risk. Camping Steinplatte accepts no liability


A termination is only possible on both sides at the end of a season (31.10./30.4.).
a notice period of 4 weeks is possible. The parking space is no later than
cancellation date to be vacated in full. Failure to clear the area in a timely manner
has the consequence that, from the 1st of the following month, the parking space fee for daily
Campers plus local tax will be charged.
The present terms and conditions also apply to long-term campers, provided that in individual cases none
deviating regulation (e.g. payment) has been made.


The contract ends automatically after the agreed length of stay. On a
The guest is not entitled to an extension.
The agreed parking space may be closed due to force majeure or official restrictions
(e.g. natural disasters, epidemics, etc.) are not provided, is the
The campsite is entitled to terminate the contract extraordinarily. The guest will
informed of this and the deposit paid will be refunded if the
Cancellation has taken place before the first overnight stay. beyond that
Claims by the guest are excluded. This falls for overnight stays that have already taken place
agreed fee.
Camping Steinplatte GmbH can terminate the contract for good cause
declare with immediate effect if the guest violates the contract or the
Violates site regulations, in particular uses the parking space in breach of contract, disturbances
causes, endangers other persons, their property or themselves or the
does not follow the instructions of the staff of Camping Steinplatte GmbH.